Covid-19 and the RSA national Lockdown

The South African government is implementing a nationwide lockdown on movement in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. The lockdown begins at midnight on Thursday 26 April 2020 and will last 21 days.

The restrictions are unprecedented in Amberfield’s history and the Trustees and Staff have had to respond at very short notice.

Arrangements have been made to ensure that essential services continue to operate at Amberfield.

The lockdown means that all persons in South Africa are restricted to their homes or place of residence.

Only persons who are performing functions or services categorized as essential are permitted to leave their homes to go to work.

Amberfield residents may leave the estate for the following purposes:

  • To travel to a local supermarket to buy food and household essentials.
  • To travel to a local medical service provider (Pharmacy, Doctor, Dentist, Hospital, Vet)
  • To travel to a local provider of other essential services (Bank, Police station)
  • To travel if you are providing an essential service or goods.

All establishments providing goods or services deemed non essential will be closed for the duration.

Amberfield Care Centre is an Essential service and all functions at, and in support of the Care Centre will remain in operation. Nursing staff, Quatro staff (nurse aides, cleaners, laundry and kitchen), catering staff and security staff will remain on duty.

Two maintenance staff will be on standby for emergency calls only (Burst geyser, burst water pipes, dangerous electrical faults)

All other staff will be required to remain at home.  The Garden staff, maintenance staff and Administrative staff will not be permitted to be at work. The Administrative office will be closed.

The Care Centre is in a state of partial quarantine, No visitors permitted, only emergency or urgent medical personnel permitted to visit.

Everything possible is being done, in terms of the World Health Organization and South African Health Department guidelines and directives, to keep our very vulnerable residents in Care Centre safe and healthy.

On Thursday, 26 March 2020, a printed circular will be delivered to every unit in Amberfield. It will provide detailed information concerning the lockdown and how we will be managing the next three weeks. Phone numbers of contact staff for emergencies will be provided.

As the lockdown progresses, please visit this page for news, further information, as well as status updates.

As of writing, there are NO confirmed or suspected cases of Covid-19 infection at the Amberfield Care Centre or in any of the units in the village. Several residents are in self isolation as a precaution after traveling back to Amberfield.

The Trustees wish to thank all our staff and Management for their professional response to the challenge at hand and for their dedication to the well being of our residents, most especially the frail and elderly.

I wish everyone at Amberfield good luck and good health.

L.R. Buchanan

Chairman of Trustees.









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