At Amberfield we have a 46 bed Care centre with single and double rooms. It is staffed with highly qualified people and, although it is not a hospital, it can cater for the basic long term medical needs of our residents.

One can also make use of trained caregivers supplied by various organizations for overnight or daily care of dependant people in their own homes.

Furthermore residents have weekly access to an in house clinic where they can receive blood pressure checks, diabetes checks and similar simple medical procedures.

Should a resident have a more serious medical condition there is a private hospital 2 kms from Amberfield. This facility is fully equipped, including an x-ray section and an operating theatre. The hospital complex includes local doctors/specialists and is also serviced by visiting specialists from Pietermaritzburg.

Many dentists, physiotherapists, chiropractors and other medical related professionals are also based in Howick.


The Amberfield Care Centre is registered with the Department of Social Welfare and Population Development. The Certificate is for a Home for the Aged. (Cert. No. 10/2/3/1/26) to accommodate 40 Residents.

The Amberfield Care Centre is managed and operates in full compliance of the statutory requirements detailed in the Older Persons Act 2006 (Act 13 of 2006).